Holiday – part one

So, last few days I went to a small town near the beach with some of my friends, to celebrate the end of our exams. Of course I made (too much) photo’s, and here are they. At least a part of them. The rest will follow soon, but it is a horrible job to choose the best and all.

What do you think?

The first day, the wind blew really hard. I loved it.

Doesn’t this look serene?

Endless dune and a wooden fence to protect it:)

Of course, you can’t go to the beach, without drawing a heart in the sand! I’ve always wanted to do this.

(c) photographs renaterebecca


6 thoughts on “Holiday – part one

  1. Hello Rebecca, nice to meet you. :)

    Don’t be hard on your self… being a GOOD photographer, doesnt start with the camera, starts with your heart. TRUST what you see, and be part of your captures, and the emotion will shine. ON both sides of the lens.

    Take care, Anne

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I now realise that it doesn’t really matter how well I know my camera. But I still want to know it better, because there are so much more things I would love to try, but can’t at this moment, because I don’t know how to use my camera :)

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