My holiday – part four

So, the actual sheep. Really. The beautiful and very special Drentse Heideschapen (schapen = sheep, indeed). I’ve been told that they are very unique. I like them more than ‘usual’ sheep, don’t know why. Maybe because they’re more interesting to look at, or just different from the usual sheep. So hereby, for you to enjoy too.

So cosy and warm

Or not so cosy…

Silently watching

What do you mean we have to walk on wet grass?!

Oh, guys, I’m lost.


4 thoughts on “My holiday – part four

  1. this is one of my favorite posts. it seems as if the pictures just naturally ‘happened’ for you at their interesting compositions & angles… which of course is probably thanks to your improving skills. i like!

    1. Thankyou :) It is partly luck, partly skill, I guess. It’s looking at your pictures and think of things to improve them. I, for example, now think some pictures of sheep I have would have been better if I sat down, and looked them straight in the eye, on their level. But you’re sweet :) thanks ^^

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