Ben and Jerry’s

Here’s some more dusted off pictures from last year. I’ve done a bit of editing with Photoshop Elements. I discovered the option in which you can have one part of your pictures in black and white (or sepia etc) and the other part in colour (or sepia etc :)). I absolutely love this option, and try it on lots of photographs, especially old ones that weren’t so special in the first place :). Here’s three options to my dusted of photograph :) which one do you like most?
ps. I’m not so very good yet… forgive me.


4 thoughts on “Ben and Jerry’s

  1. I’ll join in to say I like the second one the best. :) It does a better job at catching my eye than numner one and the focus isn’t on something blurry (as it is in picture 3).
    Anyhow, good job! It must have cost a lot of time!

  2. Well done! I personally like the first image best, it highlights the sugject of the ice cream. I am still learning and experimenting with post-processing. Keep it up! :)

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