Goodbye shoes

I bought these heels some time ago. I really liked them, and they’re so pretty! Only thing is I found out I just can’t walk in them. At all. Like, really not. When I wore them on a night out, I tripped and fell flat on my face. The cartoon way.
Wore them only once after that, to find out that I’m a real hopeless case when it comes to real high heels.
So I’m selling them. Too bad, because they’re beautiful, but keeping them gathering dust in the shoebox is useless.
So a farewell to the high-heeled shoes I can’t walk on.

If happen to fall compeletly in love with them, and you want to buy them, that’s possible! They cost 12,50 euros, are size 38 (Dutch sizes) and the costs of sending them to where ever you live are for you :). Just leave a comment, and I’ll contact you.


14 thoughts on “Goodbye shoes

  1. I say do not give up… Practice is important… Wear them around the house, take your time… I can only imagine how great you make them look… I cannot say it enough… DO NOT GIVE UP!!! ;)

    1. You obviously love high heels :). Thing is, I feel quite uncomfortable wearing them, I feel really unstable. I’ve bought other heels, wedge heels. I might post a photo of them soon, and I can walk on those :).

      1. Not sure how my love of high heels became apparent… haha ;) ;) So sweet… ;)
        These are good to practice in. They have a thicker heel and instep support straps. The comfort in heels is all about confidence… Practice will get your confidence up… The wedges will help… You can do it… ;)

      2. Haha, don’t know, definitely not from your blog ;) a thicker heel?! Is this a thick heel?! Ö. I’m gonna practice on my wedges, and when I can walk really well in them, I might consider buying such heels again ;)

  2. Ahh what a shame. Maar vergeet niet, ik kon het ook nooit en nu wel.. alleen moet ik mijn ‘zool’ opnieuw laten zetten die is eeh op. XD dus misschien ooit, is er een dag.. dat het je wel lukt. (oefening baart kunst)

    1. Maar eigenlijk, heb ik ook gewoon helemaal geen zin om te oefenen (a). Ik had al hakken, lagere, en die droeg ik vaker, begreep ik van m’n moeder, dat de moeders van L+T’s school, ook een keer tegen haar hadden gezegd dat ik niet echt op hakken kon lopen Ö (zo’n verhaal was het ongeveer, het kwam er iig op neer dat ik het volgens hen ook niet echt kon), dus nouja :)

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