Day out

In my Christmas break, my mom wanted to do a walk, in Drenthe, so we all went. At first, I thought it would be quite boring (sorry mom), but a day home alone didn’t sound amazing either. So I went along, and, honestly, I had a great time!

Made some photographs too (of course).

The shepherd had two christmas-lambs (that’s how we call them in Holland, lambs that are born around Christmas). I included a photo of them, not a stunning photo, but really cute, don’t you think? Great detail: they were named after my sisters, because they liked them so much!


2 thoughts on “Day out

  1. Sometimes the simpler things are the most enjoyable… Love the light in you last two shots, and my kids were lucky enough to see two lambs actually “being” born on holiday last year… One of them sadly wasn’t breathing, but much to my kids delight he managed to revive it, and they were both soon up and skipping around… :)

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