World of colour

Another Colour My World post, just because I can!

My world is quite awesome, at this very moment. I just found out that I have 99 followers on my blog, which is FREAKIN’ AMAZING. For some it may seem like not so much followers, but when I started here, I never thought anyone besides my friends would visit. And now, one more to go before I hit a 100 followers! One hundred! I’m so happy I get the chance to share my photographs with the world, and hopefully inspiring and fascinating people around the globe.

What about your world?



2 thoughts on “World of colour

  1. Reaching the milestone of 100 certainly would be pretty cool. Hopefully you get that extra follower real soon :) Great little series too, and I hope you don’t accidentally pick up the permanent paint!!.. Lol..

    1. I hope so too!
      Thank you ^^ This is acrylic paint, and luckily I found out pretty quickly that it easily comes off with just make up remover, haha!

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